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Please note all workshops require RSVP to save a space.  Also, one-to-one consultations and home gathering about Young LIving Essential Oils and all of Young LIving's oil-infused products are available.  Please call or email to schedule a meeting to meet your needs .

Intro to Young Living Essential Oils for Chemical-Free Living  

Place:  NH Natural Health Clinic - 304 Riverway Place, Bedford, NH 03110

Date:   Thursday, May 18, 2017

Time:   6:30-8:30 pm

RSVP Required:

What is an essential oil? What is Young Living?  How can essential oils benefit me and my family?


Join us for this fun and interactive workshop and learn about creating a powerful wellness toolkit for you, your family, pets and your home using Young Living Essential Oils. 


In this workshop you will

  • Learn what is an essential oil and how you can easily use them to create a powerful wellness toolkit for you, you family, pets and your home

  • Learn about the history of essential oils

  • Learn about Young Living's unique Seed to Seal process for creating essential oils, its commitment to supporting the stewardship of the earth and the reasons why Young Living has the highest quality essential oils

  • Learn about why cutting chemical toxins in your life can help to support better health

  • Learn how essential oils can be vital tools for supporting optimum health and how they can be used to:


  • Support healthy stress and emotional responses

  • Support respiratory health

  • Support healthy immunity

  • Promote restful sleep

  • Relax and calm

  • Green cleaning

  • Support and uplift healthy moods

  • Energize the body

  • Support healthy skin

  • Support healthy joints, muscles and bones

  • Support healthy digestion

  • Promote healthy focus and concentration and more!


This workshop will include hands-on experience with 11 different essential oils and blends which provide an easy and enjoyable step towards greener and cleaner living. Join other health-minded individuals as we explore how Young Living can enhance your health and life.  Space in limited.

Testimonials about workshops:

“Yvonne is very enthusiatic and passionate about the subject.  Her passion is infectious.” (Intro to Young Living Essential Oils Workshop)

Sheila D.

"Very informative, fun, great tips and sharing of experience.  Yvonne is very passionate and wants to improved the quality of people's lives." (Intro to Young LIving Essential Oils Workshop)

Carol L.

Yvonne is engaging, fun and knowledgable.

Sandy P.

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