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Health Coaching Testimonials

"Where do I begin to write about the person who saved my life?  Yvonne would love to chime in right now and say it was all my hard work but trust me - she is behind all of this!


Prior to working with Yvonne, I thought I always getting closer and closer to what was wrong with me.  I was in a 3-year endless cycle of visiting the next doctor, going for the next test, starting the next diet, scheduling the next test, and so on.  Really, I was not getting anywhere.  I have a condition that caused fluid retention, on top of also struggling with my weight.  I just wanted to stop gaining weight and get my health under control. I considered myself a professional dieter but nothing was working.  I had no energy and worse yet, I was losing my spirit and enthusiasm to face each day.  Thank goodness my sister convinced me to call Yvonne, even though I was a bit suspect about what this diet program would be - only to find out the strangest thing - it is not a diet!


When I started the health coaching program, my initial goals were mainly around improving my health, my energy, and losing weight.  After just two months of working with Yvonne I received a hand written note on my blood work from my doctor that included four stars and a "wow"!  I had completely changed the course of my health in a very short time.  Fast forward 7 months from our first health coaching session and I am down over 80 lbs, and feeling fantastic.  I have not had a doctor’s visit in 4 months.

Not one day has felt like a diet - I am eating such quality and delicious food that it still really amazes me that I have lost so much weight.  But this journey is about so much more than food - Yvonne has taught me to think about today and not what is happening next week, and to do good things for myself.  That sounds good on a t-shirt, but really embracing it is a whole other thing.  And, I say with great pride that I have embraced it.


The essential oils she introduced to me are the best - I now sleep through the night, feel well rested each day and even more meaningful: I have not had even a cold since I started using the oils and working with Yvonne.


Yvonne's support and guidance is easy to receive (and this is coming from someone that hates to ask for or get help). She cheers me on and supports me through the tough days and celebrates every single victory. For every obstacle or fear I throw at her, she finds a way to make it...possible. She is incredible at her job and a spectacular person. " 


Barb, Massachusetts

"Working with Yvonne as my Health Coach helped me lose and then maintain my weight.  I expanded and broadened the spectrum of my diet and she helped me to be less confused about food and gave me a lot of good resources for healthy eating.  A bonus to the program is that we covered information about greening and reducing toxins in my home.  She taught me a variety of natural remedies using essential oils including how to boost my immune system.  As a result of the program my energy levels are higher and more consistent, I'm cooking more, I have cut down on my coffee consumption, I'm sleeping better and exercising more.  Working together, Yvonne suspected I had a possible nutritional deficiency and recommended I get tested (something a physician had never recommended).  Once identified through testing, adding supplementation resulted in a simple and inexpensive health improvement for me with many benefits.


During the six months we worked together I found Yvonne to be professional, supportive and fun.  She gave me permission not to be perfect and I found the health coaching program to be realistic and individualized."


Liz, New Hampshire

"Before working with Yvonne in her health coaching program I was cooking at home about 30% of the time, having difficulty with sleep and I wanted to lose weight.  As a result of the program I’ve noticed many positive changes.  My energy level is higher, sleep is much better, weight is down 20 lbs in three months and I feel better all-around.  Even during weeks when things had been extremely hectic with my work, I followed the guidance I received and was able to make good choices from a diet and general health perspective.  I am cooking and preparing food at home 70% of the time and I’m focused on making the right choices to keep myself healthy.  The thing I liked most about the health coaching program was Yvonne’s true concern and caring.  She was genuinely excited about the good changes I was making and was very encouraging, which speaks volumes about her personal integrity and love of her work.  I liked the acknowledgement for my successes and understanding for my shortfalls yet she also provided a touch of “step it up” when I did stumble or lose focus."

Mark, New Hamphsire

"I worked with Yvonne in her 6-Month Health Coaching Program and she really helped me with meeting my health goals.  My energy levels have increased and I have had a significant reduction in my cravings.  She gave me so much support, not only physically but emotionally and spiritually.  It was beyond my expectations.  I appreciated all the time she gave me; the plans, suggestions and alternatives she provided all made a difference in how I feel.  I cannot thank her enough."

Gloria, New Hampshire

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